Our tale to tell is more than wine...

She’s Castle, He’s Crown.

Representing the crown is our founder and winemaker, Stephen Lesefko, whose first name is derived from the Greek word for “Crown”. And to represent the castle, Co-founder Kelsey’s last name, von der Burg, meaning “from the Castle” in German. Castle and Crown Cellars represents the next chapter in our journey to do something that we love, together. That journey has led us to study winemaking from Australia’s historical wineries and New Zealand’s extraordinary Waiheke Island to the breathtaking Rheingau in Germany. Made in Washington and sourced from the Pacific Northwest, our unique wines are focused on minimalist intervention so that the grapes and vineyards may tell their own story. We invite you to partake in our tale of our love for family, culture and adventure. 





Founder & Winemaker

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